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Easily way to convert text to speech Dutch. is a free online Dutch text-to-speech converter.
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Nederlands (Nederland) - Dutch (Netherlands) Text to Speech voices

There are 13 Dutch (Netherlands) voices, including male and female. To listen to the voice demo, click the "Play" icon.

Colette, Female

voiceID: nl-NL-ColetteNeural

Fenna, Female

voiceID: nl-NL-FennaNeural

Maarten, Male

voiceID: nl-NL-MaartenNeural

Wavenet-A, Female Premium

voiceID: nl-NL-Wavenet-A

Wavenet-B, Male Premium

voiceID: nl-NL-Wavenet-B

Wavenet-C, Male Premium

voiceID: nl-NL-Wavenet-C

Wavenet-D, Female Premium

voiceID: nl-NL-Wavenet-D

Wavenet-E, Female Premium

voiceID: nl-NL-Wavenet-E

Standard-A, Female

voiceID: nl-NL-Standard-A

Standard-B, Male

voiceID: nl-NL-Standard-B

Standard-C, Male

voiceID: nl-NL-Standard-C

Standard-D, Female

voiceID: nl-NL-Standard-D

Standard-E, Female

voiceID: nl-NL-Standard-E

Text-to-speech Dutch additional regional language versions

To see more other regional Dutch text-to-speech, see the pages below:

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