SSML Support Testing - Text to speech

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) is an XML-based markup language for speech synthesis applications. It is a recommendation of the W3C's Voice Browser Working Group. SSML is often embedded in VoiceXML scripts to drive interactive telephony systems. However, it also may be used alone, such as for creating audio books. For desktop applications, other markup languages are popular, including Apple's embedded speech commands, and Microsoft's SAPI Text to speech (TTS) markup, also an XML language. It is also used to produce sounds via Azure Cognitive Services' Text to Speech API or when writing third-party skills for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

We are testing some SSML tags, sometimes some tags may not work properly. We will work to perfect it.
Name SSML Results
PAUSE Hello<break time='2s' /> world. Hello (Pause here for 2 seconds) world.
ORDINAL <say-as interpret-as='ordinal'>1</say-as> Spoken as: 'First'
CHARACTERS <say-as interpret-as='characters'>Hello</say-as> Spoken as: 'H E L L O'
CHARACTERS <say-as interpret-as='fraction'>5+1/2</say-as> Spoken as: 'Five and a half'
UNIT <say-as interpret-as='unit'>10 foot</say-as> Spoken as: 'Ten feet'
VERBATIM <say-as interpret-as='verbatim'>abcdefg</say-as> Spelled out letter by letter
DATE <say-as interpret-as='date' format='yyyymmdd' detail='1'>2019-10-10</say-as> Spoken as 'The tenth of October, Twenty nighteen'
DATE <say-as interpret-as='date' format='dm'>10-9</say-as> Spoken as 'The tenth of November'
DATE <say-as interpret-as='date' format='dmy' detail='2'>10-9-2019</say-as> Spoken as 'September tenth, twenty nighteen'
TIME <say-as interpret-as='time' format='hms12'>2:30am</say-as> Spoken as 'Two thirty A.M.'
SUB <sub alias='HelloWorld'>HW</sub> Spoken as 'Hello World'
EMPHASIS <emphasis level='moderate'>This is an important announcement</emphasis> strong / moderate / none / reduced